Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Idiosyncrasies that Make Me Who I Am

I love roller coasters; the scarier the better – but bumper cars terrify me.

I kill plants – unintentionally of course.

I have 3 tattoos.

I once stole a flashing construction sign in the middle of the night with two of my girlfriends.

I love to make lists; I have lists of lists.

I don’t know how to turn on a barbeque.

I’m occasionally still scared of the dark.

I don’t know the multiplication tables.

I love to drink sparkling apple cider. It comes in a wine bottle and sometimes when I’m home by myself I’ll pour some in a wine glass and drink it because it makes me feel grown up. I don’t know how old I have to be to actually consider myself an adult, but apparently 26 is not quite there.

I am an absolute flirt and will be till the day that I die.

If smoking wasn’t bad for you, and it didn’t smell bad, I would still be a smoker.

I will do almost anything for a laugh.

Weekend afternoon naps with my husband are one of my favourite activities.

I hate horror movies because I am a wimp.

My eyelashes are 6/8 of an inch long.

I love bowling even though I suck at it.

I love to eat meat but sometimes when I do, I start to think about the fact that it used to be a living, breathing thing and I make myself sick.

I can be a real bitch.

My favourite smell is vanilla. I love to wear Body Shop Vanilla body spray because it’s soft and sweet and subtle and to me it’s the way a girl should smell.

In an argument, I always have to be right.

I’m very impatient.

I tend to always want to spend money on people. I love to buy little gifts for people just to brighten their day.

I hate to cook. This drives my mother in law a little crazy, which makes me a little happy.

My favourite animal at the zoo is a tiger, they always act so cool.

When I am being chased (by whoever – husband, friend, colleague) I panic and usually run in circles. I like to think that if a rapist or murderer was chasing me I wouldn’t be so stupid.

My husband and I are such dorks when no one is around.

I sleep in the buff all year 'round.

I have a serious case of road rage.

I have a terrible potty mouth which goes hand in hand with the above fact.

Music is the story of my life – there is a song for every feeling, emotion, happening and moment.

My husband is one of my two best friends. The other lives in Nassau, Bahamas and she is the best friend anyone could ever have.

When I eat cherries I usually eat so many that I make myself sick.

If I could meet someone who’s passed away it would be Dean Martin, he was one cool dude.

When I take a bath I like the water to be so hot that it actually burns my skin; if it takes me less than 10 minutes to ease my way in, it’s not a good bath.

I love milk chocolate. I can’t stand dark or white chocolate.

I don’t really have a favourite movie, I like too many.

If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Greece.

My cars name is Bruce Eugene.

I often let myself get lost in the romanticism of movies, I find myself sad after some – wondering why my life isn’t more like the movie I just watched.

I got married the same month I turned 21.

My heritage is Irish and Scottish, I’ve definitely been blessed with an Irish temper.

My eyes are blue-grey.

If I could meet anyone that’s still living it would be Drew Barrymore, she seems like she would be someone I would like to hang out with.

I’m Catholic; although I question a lot of things about the Catholic beliefs.

I love to buy old furniture, take it apart, refinish it and make it beautiful.

My least favourite feature is my nose; it turns up and I can’t stand it.

My only sibling is 12 years younger than me – he’s awesome.

I went to school for print-journalism, it took me six years to find a job in the field.

I will only use Tide liquid laundry detergent.

I love to read people’s blogs, some people have the most amazing views of the world.

One of my biggest pet peeves is old men (and some stupid younger men) who wear black socks – pulled up yet – in black shoes in the summer with shorts. For god’s sake, they make sandals for men!

I hate to order takeout food; I’ve actually paid people to do it for me.

I think that Botox is one of the most ridiculous inventions.

Just to support that last one, Joan Rivers is one of the ugliest people on the face of the earth (I know she has had a lot more done to her than Botox) and her daughter Melissa is almost as ugly.

Nurses that work without their long hair pulled back shouldn’t have a job.

I love to drive fast, my husband says my true calling is a race car driver, ambulance driver or cabbie. I can parallel park like nobody’s business.

One of my guilty pleasures is that I actually like country music.

When I’m hungry and can’t find anything to eat I usually resort to Cheez Whiz and green olive sandwiches.

If I could pick just three words to describe myself they would be: loud, emotional and passionate.

And if I was stranded on a desert island and I could take 10 things along with me they would be:

1. My husband.

2. My parents.

3. My brother.

4. My best friend.

5. A solar powered radio.

6. The game of dominoes.

7. A notebook and pen.

8. A football to keep my brother and husband entertained.

9. My camera and its accessories (why not capture this for future reference?).

10. My cell phone – Duh, I don’t want to be stranded there forever.